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April 20, 2009



So super, super cute, Brandi! I am loving that color of paint & the grass skirt is perfect!! Very fun!


Oh wo, Brandi! Her response was so cute. You can tell the two of you have a great relationship!


Love the color on the walls. So cute Brandi, and so creative. What a great mom!

Christy Gattis

Too too TOO too cute!!!! LOVE the bed"skirt!" Now you have to help me get one of Lorin's bodyboard pics in good enough shape to print that big! PS, found her a different b-day present at the Aquarium that I think will be perfect!!

Nicki Brooks

This is so cute! You are so good. I love the grass skirt and the big picture of the girls. This soooo makes me want to go to the beach!


LOVE LOVE LOVE her new room!! Abby is wanting a new room too so just come on over and get started!! I had thought that i might do that this week while Robby was gone but didn't get motivated soon enough plus she is a little undecided about what she wants. She keeps saying pink but I don't know. REALLY like the color of Elizabth's walls!!Great job once again!!
PS Forgot to tell ya today..You look great!!!


Her room is SO DARLING, Brandi!!!

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